Forget water, oil and rare earths – there is a new resource everyone wants: our time. Time Thieves reveals how companies monetize our time without our knowledge and how the social networks have, in their own words, become ‘the new clockmakers’.
Who hasn’t come across the situation where an airline has us printing our own boarding passes and checking in our own luggage, saving the company a fortune in working hours? Who hasn’t spent hours assembling a piece of furniture, or struggled with an automatic cashier? Haven’t we all asked ourselves who should be paying whom for doing all the work?
The documentary Time Thieves travels the globe to investigate how time has become money, how the clock has taken over both our working and personal lives, and how we can claim back control over this precious but finite resource.
Untited Nations Association Film Festival at Stanford 2019 - Best Editing 
Docs Barcelona 2019(Spain) - Official Selection Latitud
Festival Sant Cugat Fantàstic 2018 (Spain) - Winner Best Script
4th International Conference on Time Perspective (France)
Festiver 2018 (Colombia) - Special Mention International Competition
Ayuntamiento de Azpeitia, Departamento de Igualdad (Spain)
One World Slovakia - Official Selection - Phenomena of our times
Human Rights Film Festival 2018 (Barcelona)
FINCALI 2019 (Colombia)
Millenium Docs Against Gravity FF 2019 (Poland)
Cinemambiente 2019 (Italy)