TRT: 52 min and 75 min
Directed by Cosima Dannoritzer
Produced by Joan Úbeda
The current throwaway climate - where the latest technology is outdated after year and electronics are cheaper to replace than to repair – is the basis for economic growth. But infinite consumption is unsustainable with finite resources. With the economy crumbling and consumers becoming increasingly resistant to the practice, has planned obsolescence reached the end of its own life?

Combining investigative research and rare archive footage with analysis by those working on ways to save both the economy and the environment, this documentary charts the creation of ‘engineering to fail’, its rise to prominence and its recent fall from grace.


1st Prize 'Science, Technology and Education' - GZDOC 2010 (China)
'Best Documentary' - Spanish Television Academy Awards 2011
'Best Film' - SCINEMA 2011 (Australia)
'Maeda' - Special Prize / Japan Prize 2011 (NHK, Tokyo)
'Ondas Internacional' award' 2011 (Spain)
'Best Feature Documentary', FILMAMBIENTE 2011 (Brazil)
Special Jury Mention - FICMA 2011 (Spain)
Finalist - Focal International Awards 2011 (London)
Finalist - Magnolia Awards, Shanghai TV Festival 2011
Finalist - Prix Europa 2011