TRT: 87 min
Directed and Produced by Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack

Basil Gelpke and Ray McCormack's nonfiction treatise Crude Awakening joins Maxed Out, An Inconvenient Truth, and other recent documentaries devoted to unearthing and exploring forces that are untying the connective threads of contemporary society. The subject at hand is crude oil - specifically, the depletion of petroleum from the Earth, in an era when consumption threatens to exceed supply.

The overtone of the film is speculative but admonitory; Gelpke and McCormack suggest that if western society fails to reinvent itself altogether (via such innovations as hydrogen-powered autos, and a decreased reliance on fiscally unsound Middle Eastern nations), economic cataclysm is not simply likely but inevitable. To underscore this point, the filmmakers contrast obscenely naïve shorts from the 1950s that promise depthless oil supplies, with contemporary warnings from geologists who suggest that the bottom of the well is close at hand. McCormack and Gelpke also interview such subjects as former OPEC secretary general Fadhil Chalabi and Bush advisor Roger E. Ebel

Awards - 2006
Winner, Zurich Film Prize 2006 –
Best Documentary
European Premiere - Winner, Audience Award
 World Premiere – In Competition
HotDocs, Toronto 
Canadian Premiere - In Competition
Nevada Premiere – Winner, “Best of the Fest”
U.K. Premiere - In Competition
Norwegian Premiere – Winner, Youth Doc Award
Spanish Premiere – In Competition
Australian Premiere – TopTen Audience Poll
British Columbia Premiere - In Competition

Awards - 2007
GreekPremiere – In Competition
DocVille FF, Leuven 
BelgianPremiere – Jury Special Mention
FICMA Environmental FF 
CatalanPremiere – Winner, Golden Sun, Best Film
Florida Premiere – Winner, Best Doc Feature
Riverside, CA 
In Competition
Colorado Premiere – In Competition